Friday, September 09, 2005

Why I Love America: Follow Up

United News of Mongol apparently reproduced all of Mongol's post, "Why I love America." The reprinting elicited a number of interesting comments over at their blog. Check it out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say I enjoyed your post, good luck with the future, my God Bless...

It truly helps to shed light on the subjects of freedom, countries that are not free and just what the USA means to people who have suffered under oppression.

People will defend China today even though China does nothing to free people, oppresses people in its own country and threatens other countries, plus it also forces MicroSoft, Yahoo, Google and others to "CENSOR" anything not allowed by 'chinese government approved thought control police'

all the best,

10/24/2005 5:07 PM  
Blogger samraat said...

4/04/2010 9:57 PM  

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