Monday, August 22, 2005

New Mongolia Blog: Mongolian Matters

A new Mongolia blog is up and running in English, Mongolian, and, potentially at least, in Dutch. Mongolian Matters (Mens in Mongolië) is covering "life in the land of the blue heaven" and looks to be interesting.

(Via this site, I also discovered that the Mongol Messenger is back.)


Blogger Guido Verboom said...

Thanx - New Mongols, let's stay in contact

8/25/2005 7:48 PM  
Anonymous Joel said...

New Mongols,

This is Joel over at Global Voices. We'd like to ask: do you think Mongolia is part of "East Asia" or should remain classified as part of the former Soviet bloc?

I know these broad geo-categories are fuzzy anyway, but it would be nice to get a sense how Mongolians these days feel -- closer to Asia or still fond of Russia?

9/06/2005 6:57 PM  
Blogger nabetz said...

Joel, sorry for the delay. And thanks for the question.

Boy, that's a good question. Fuzzy is right. 10 years ago, it would definitely be aligned with the Soviet Bloc (although it wasn't soviet, technically). Today, Mongolia, for practical reasons, is looking more east than west, more toward China than Russia/Central Asia. But the ties are still strong to the Central Asian past, culture, etc. It's a total toss up. Our heart says Central Asia (past/heritage). Our head says East Asia (future/economics). We punt.

9/14/2005 10:37 PM  
Blogger Anthony said...

Hello there. I was in the U.S. Army and spent two months in Ulanbataar, rebuilding a school. How is it there now? I was there in 1996.

7/23/2006 5:24 PM  
Blogger Anthony said...

I was there for Nadam, also.

7/23/2006 5:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

l love Mongolia very much it is the homeland of my
GGGrandfather. lts easy to be negative but in reality
there are many negative things going on in Mongolia.
1.Since the Russians ended their occupation of
Mongolia the once banned Chinggis Khan has been turned
into a God.
Around 5 years ago Mongolians were asked to choose a
second name, many records had been destroyed during
the Qing Dynasty and by the Communists whose dirty
work was done by ethnic mongolians such as Choibalsan.
Mongolians then all claimed that they were descendants
of Chinggis Khan. The reality is that a large
percentage of Mongolians are not related to Chinggis
Khan. Recent DNA testing of random Mongolian people in
USA shows as much as 40% are not related to Chinggis
2.There is a myth that at the time of the declaration
of the new Republic in 1911 there were only 600,000
"pure blood " Mongolians left in the republic and that
these chosen ones would build the new Republic. This
is rubbish as there are 35 ethnic groups in
Mongolia.The Mongolian Royal families had Chinese
blood since the aduction and rape of a Chinese
Princess and her subsequent 2 sons. Mongolia was
ruled by the Uighurs , Turks ,Tibetans, Chinese and
Russians all of who left their DNA.
Hitler sent Scientific teams to Tibet in a belief that
the Tibetans were a lost tribe of the Germans, this
was prior to WW 11 and is where they adopted the
reverse swastika or Mongolian Khas from. This wacky
idea seems to have mutated and crossed into Mongolia.
3.Mongolians are xenophobic they hate the Chinese and
Tuvans .Tuvans are Mongolians but are not recognised
in the same way that lnner Mongolians are not
recognised but called omkhee hodja or "smelly friend"
Tuva is the cradle of Khoomii and home of the best
singers but they are only recognised as Russian cattle
theives, the Mongolians also steal from them.
Mongols love the Russians even though they occupied
their country and killed the lamas who were the centre
of learning and medicine in many communities. They
were grouped together with the Chinese to be
exterminated . Stalinist stooges performed a mass
lobotomy on Mongolia by killing many intellectuals,
soon to be repeated in the Chinese Cultural
revolution.One man told me at least they stayed and
built things the Chinese just get into your head?
4.Since the Russians left the state assets were sold
to some who had money, they have become very rich and
the others have nothing. There are no safety nets and
around 40% are unemployed.
5. Mongolian "Business" men pay no tax
6.Foreigners pay 40% tax and now new "sudden wealth"
mining taxes have been increased to 67%. lf you have a
tax dispute they will put you in jail.
7. The Government and officials are corrupt and pocket
aid money and consolidated revenue.Any project you
want to do will involve paying bribes.
8. lf you oppose the Government in the parlaiment you
are likely to be stabbed like Zorig whose little
statue stands opposite the post office. Recently 11
Co-operatives have been investigated for stealing
contributors hard earned money 9 of these were found
to have serious irregularities, the investigator was
stabbed and killed by the leader of one of these
co-operatives and faces a murder charge.
Protesters maintain a year round vigil outside the
Department of Foreign Affairs building showing
enlarged copies of fraudulent documents signed by
their leaders, many have lost their life savings and
have nothing left. They urge people to sign a
9. The Revolutionary Party and the Democratic Party
are both hated by the people. They are both seen as
corrupt and weak and the lkh Hural collapsed this year
and now operates as a fragile coalition.There were
constant protests about the Government in Sukhbaatar
Square this year and some made international
Like the west if you want to run for Parlaiment you
will need lots of money and good connections.
Some say the Government is trying to hide big deals
with China.
10.The Mining Minister is seen by Foreigners as an
idiot who will ruin the lndustry. They have done a
deal with lvanhoe mines which caused a large protest
in Sukhbaatar Square . One executive is the son of
James Baker the former USA Secretary of State, he
visited Mongolia for a "friendly " visit. Another
executive Friedland was thrown out of the
country.lvanhoe is an American Company that moved to
Canada for convienience, they have no expertise in
some of the areas that they claim.
11. Mongolia has a lot of mineral wealth and a
population of only 3 million the country could have a
high standard of living but the corruption and bad
deals are syphoning off the money.
12 An American Real Estate Agent claims the Chinese
want to flatten most of Ulanbaatar and re build it
using Chinese construction companies thus putting
Mongolia into huge debt with China.
13. Mongolia owes Russia a lot of money.
14.George Bush visited Mongolia and announced that
they want to build 4 military bases there as part of
the "third neighbour "program. This will be a disaster
for Mongolia, if an escalation of the Taiwan or North
Korea issues happens Mongolia will be a target.
Only the corrupt Mongolian "businessmen " will benefit
from the drugs and prostitution and of course the
politicians who will be bribed along the way,
15.Mongolians like to identify with America and
foolishly think that they will save them if they get
16. Mongolia has troops in lraq as part of the
coalition of the willing. Not since the days when
Hulege burnt down lraq have they been there.Saddam
Hussein called America the "New Mongols"
17. Mongolians are nomads by nature and dont know how
to live in a city. Ulanbaatar was built by the
Russians, previously Huree was a ger camp that changed
The standard of building is bad but improving where
Chinese construction workers are used.
18Mongolian Police are corrupt and ineffective. They
are poorly paid and they use this as an excuse to do
nothing. Gangs of professional muggers and pickpockets
work in UB under police protection especially in the
Black market. l was robbed by the same guys who tried
to rob me last year, l reported it to the police who
were uninterested as 6 of them were busy beating a
local man, when l mentioned the amount one ran off to
go and claim it back for himself or get his cut.A
German tourist was murdered for the $120 dollars he
was carrying.
There seems to be no road rules and the Police stand
and watch as people ignore lights and crossings.
19.lf you get involved in a fight in Mongolia they
will always stick together no matter what bad thing
they did.lf you interfere or try to help someone you
will be attacked.
20. Public drunkeness is out of control, many are so
drunk they dont know what they are doing. lts common
to see men passed out on the side of streets day or
night and drunken brawls.
21 Mongols like to do deals with each other where they
get a cut, if someone recommends someone else to you
you can be sure there is a deal going on.
22. Lying is second nature to many. A Hungarian woman
married to a Mongol man said her kids started lying to
her as soon as they started school, it was a big
problem trying to teach some values.
23. Mongolian women are very beautiful and have
traditionally had a strong role in their society. Many
are very cunning and treacherous they easily
manipulate the men who are too busy being macho to
notice what is going on around them. Beating women is
widespread in Mongolia especially in the
countryside.Some let their boys suckle until they
reach puberty, l saw 3 examples aged 4 ,8 and 11.
Many work as prostitutes under arrangements with
Hotels and Saunas targeting mostly Korean and Japanese
Businessmen some are blackmailed.
Many are online trying to get a western husband, many
work in groups acessing each others profiles and
chatting up guys on messenger then sending the files
to their friends. Approximately 80% of them get
removed from these sites they are almost as bad as the
Many western men are spellbound by their beauty but
when you get involved a complex pattern of
relationships emerge typically several local
boyfriends or husband and abundance of lazy
opportunistic relatives.
24. Mongolian men are inherently lazy even when they
are "busy" they are doing nothing. They do what they
like whenever they like. They drink and smoke too
much. They are violent and ignorant however there are
many exceptions! They cling to the idea that they are
still Chinggis Khans soldiers, They readily take
advantage of others to exploit in the workplace with
bad pay and conditions.
Many have an education but prefer to live in the
countryside and do nothing. Some writers call this a
kind of dignity but in modern times its laziness. No
one gets up before 10 am , if a relative has a job and
is doing well they will go and bludge off them under
the notion that its a Mongolian tradition to look
after each other, its another excuse for laziness.
Many have lost their religion and code of behaviour
they dont know how to behave, they only think of
themselves.They always put off everything they can and
live like there is no tommorrow.
25. The old Banner system has been replaced by self
appointed Khans of industry and politicians. Many dont
know their history.
26. Mongolia will be sold out by the weak Government,
charging on horses with bows and arrows wont stop
anyone these days. lnner Mongolia was sold out by the
Princes and the new "Princes" will do the same. The
Chinese used to promote powerful Princes to the court
and let them kill themselves with wine women and song
while they forgot all about their clans.
27. 60% of Mongolians who get a visa from the
Australian embassy in Beijing dont return.
28. The Czeck Republic has an Embassy in Ulanbaatar
and gives them visas , then they go to England and
Europe and stay illegally.Korea is a popular
destination for illegal immigrants who want to make
some money.
29. Fake documents are easily arranged and signed by
the officials including University results and work
documents.Some charge $250 USD to obtain a foreign
visa using fake documents.Some l saw were stamped by
the Number 2 Public Prosecutor and leader of one of
the Districts, the papers were arranged by his
daughter who has a lucrative business.
30. Mongols hate the Chinese but go there when
specialist medical attention or building supplies and
expertise are needed.
31 The female side relatives arent considered uncles
and aunties just cousins.Many so called Aunties and
Uncles sisters and brothers are not related.
32. Many children are abandoned and roam the streets
begging and stealing and living underground around the
hot water pipes from the central boiler to keep warm
in winter.The Government ignores this problem and
leaves the work to foreign NGO organisations, Churches
and concerned individuals.
33.Every house and appartment block has to have a 24/7
Guard on duty.There are many private security
companies now as the Police are useless.
34. Mongolians claim to love their land but leave
rubbish and broken glass everywhere, especially around
the Ovoo or sacred stone piles which have the
spiritual function of protecting the land.
35 ln winter the air pollution from coal is very bad
in Ulanbaatar. the Ger Districts grow as people move
in close during the cold.
36. The average life expectancy is around 63 , many
die in their late 30s and 40s. Mongolians eat too much
fat and smoke and drink too much. Traditionally they
used to eat meat in the winter and diary products in
summer but now they want meat all year round. They are
getting fatter and love western junk food, the rise of
diabetes and other related diseases will follow.
37. Mongolian women are passionate and sexy and great
in bed.
38. Mongolian men aren`t
39.lf you want a good job you must be a Customs
officer or work at the Airport or a Politician , many
politicians are involved in private businesses
directly related to their portfolios.
40.The low end of the market Hookers hang out in Seoul
Avenue most are groups of young girls trying to make
some money, some are children as young as 10 or 11 .
One was a guy dressed as a woman, Gays arent tolerated
in Mongolia and he risks a severe beating. Their
clients are mostly local business men.The big money is
made through the hotels and "Saunas", these saunas are
much like the Barber shops in China.
41. Road Rage is catching on in UB. They have a
licensing system but many drive without one. There are
apparently road rules and some people now will
actually stop at a pedestrian crossing but if they do
those behind start tooting. They arent as noisy
driving as the Chinese but they are close.Having an
accident usually involves having a fight.
42. No Road maintainence is done the same holes remain
year after year. My brother suggested they declare a
hole an Ovoo and then Mongolians will place stones on
top of it, when its full you move to the next hole!
great idea making religion practical.
43. There is a proposal to build a Casino on the
Chinese Border to take advantage of the Chinese
addiction to gambling and maybe create a Mongolian
version of Stanley Ho.ln UB there are a growing number
of people selling "scratch and lose"cards from their
cars with music blaring.
44. A lot of Mongolians who trained as Doctors dont
work as Doctors because the pay is so bad, it used to
be $70 USD per month, a receptionist can earn $120-150
USD per month. Teachers face a similar situation, many
who studied English like to open a small private
school to make better money.
45. The Zaisan side or Bogd Khan Mountain side of UB
is the focus of large scale development. "Japan Town"
and many other foreigners are building here. They are
giving up on the hopeless ruins of the old badly built
city and starting again.
46. Some Lamas have wifes and children , drive cars
and live like "businessmen". Apparently its OK if the
woman comes to you and not the other way round!
The Lamas avoid photos as if the camera is a soul
sapping device but if you pay them then suddenly its
47.Many children in the countryside are cruel to
penned animals. They will ride ,kick and punch and
generally traumatise them for hours while the poor
animal awaits slaughter. Old Horses and Donkeys stand
motionless all day in the sun hitched to carts,
horses are sometimes hobbled with ropes. Live sheep
are sold on the outskirts of UB for home slaughter.
48.Foreign Tour Companies are doing very well in
Mongolia, the locals have no idea how to promote a
business and run it properly.
49.Western Christians and Mormons are infiltrating
Mongolia and destroying its culture. By Law they
aren`t allowed to convert people but they enter the
country under false pretenses.lts a sickening sight to
see packs of Mormons and young teenage converts .
Eagle TV is a TV station funded by American
Christians. They run TV adds saying that if you become
a Christian you will have a wonderful wealthy western
lifestyle. Chinggis Khan was known for his tolerance
of Religions but some of these people he would have
boiled alive along with the current batch of
50. Some of the best humanitarian work is being done
by Foreigners who arent interested in changing the
culture and reporting back to head office the numbers
of converts.
51.Mongolia operates a 2 tiered price structure for
foreigners and locals. When l took my first internal
flight it cost me $150 USD and $27 USD for locals.
China has one fixed price.Aero Mongolia now has the
monopoly for internal flights ,they dont accept credit
cards like M.I.A.T. does, criminals know anyone
entering the office is carrying cash.
52.Mongolians dont wait in line or consider others
they push in and jump the queue pushing forcefully if
necessary.Arrogant middle aged men are the worst
53.The 8th Jebtsundamba was a Tibetan who was head of
the Mongolian church and state until his death from
Syphilus and alcoholism in 1924. The search for his
reincarnated soul was prohibited.The hereditary ruling
Princes failed to produce a leader who would put the
people first and the class interests of the
aristocracy second, so Mongolia underwent a social
revolution and was governed under a form of State
54. The Dalai Lama is the spiritual head of Mongolia
and is much loved and respected around the world
except in China! He visits Mongolia and gives advice
like to drink airag and not vodka.
55. Traditionally the choosing of the Dalai Lama
became corrupted by ruling families so a ballot system
was introduced for a while.The Chinese now have their
own approved reincarnated soul of the Panchen lama in
direct conflict with the traditional Tibetan System.
Mongoliams and Tibetans share the same Diamond branch
of Buddhism.
56. Mongolians cant be trusted with money. lf you get
requested for money or go into business with a
Mongolian you are inviting trouble.
Any fund , trust or Religious Organisation controlled
by Mongolians will be ransacked.

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8/01/2006 12:48 AM  
Anonymous Mark said...

Thank you for your contries contributions to removing the animal that formerly led Iraq.

I will be checking into your blog from now on and appreciate what you are doing.


8/21/2006 10:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's great!. If someone write drawbacks about your country, it will be more that few thousands. Some of them true, but i don't understand some of your points!!! Pity woman who can't appriciate life and just like to complain and try to put down someone!. Good luck!. I wish you have broad knowledge.......and work for my country!!!

12/17/2006 6:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to that guy up there who's posting on the problems of mongolia, yes most of the problems you posted up there are true, but some of them are total bollocks. state your sources and stop feeding people with that pro chinese view point (don't try to deny it, i know you will, you're probably chinese anyways). the fact of the matter is if it weren't for the russians mongolians would be extinct. at the start of the 19th century there actually was only 800,000 mongolians left after 300 years of chinese occupation (you can say it wasn't the chinese it was the manchu, but i don't see a difference, manchurians are just another ethnic people of china, and if you're going to make that claim i can make the counter claim of why did china claim mongolia and refuse her independence?) and russia helped us retain our independence even though they were aiming for their own agenda it worked out for us in the end. ask any mongolian to pick between russia or china, they'll pick russia. the chinese are nothing but a bunch of swindling liars (you claim mongolians are, but look who's talking hippocrate). they still want mongolia, but as long as any mongolian is alive that won't happen.

3/12/2007 10:20 PM  
Anonymous KhanBatu said...

To Anonymous:

Fuck Off you mother fucker dude.
Fuck off and shut up!
Come back to Mongolia and i will cut your fucking dirty tongue!
Don't say again that u love Mongolia.
Iwas my order, you understand home dog?

3/30/2007 8:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks Tim, you fucking coward

6/25/2007 6:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote that long Mongolian stuff must be Chinese person who hate Mongolia .... Cuz i been 5 different country Usa , Japan , Russia , French and Mongolia ... every where its same there is always corrupt coverment , lazy ppl , alcoholic's ... maybe only difference is Mongolia is poorest country i agree with that one ...

8/01/2007 9:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh almost forget i dont hate Chinese people and i dont judge ppl because of few ppl's mistake or its history conflict ... every person is different doesn't matter his or her Race , Country , skin etc ...

8/01/2007 9:08 PM  
Blogger lucky said...

Hi a am English and am in Ulanbaatur now and i am afraid to say most of what was put about problems here is true. i have been here 57 days i have seen drunks every where, women being beaten in the street, on three occasions Mongolian men have tried to pick fights with us every time backing off when they realize we were willing to fight back. Why you call the writer Chinese for telling what is fact beats me this is a lost world china is blames for every thing, men thing they are all Genghis, or that he will return and Mongolia is still a great warrior race.Fact id the government have sold you out over and over and the Mongols are a race of women beating drunks sorry but true.

9/07/2007 4:37 AM  
Blogger Tom said...

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11/13/2007 2:12 PM  
Anonymous Mende said...

I bet China would be a chaos when the communist regime falls.
It was funny to read this long list of "problems" and other "bad things" that Chinese guy was complaining about. There is gonna be a longer list if I introduce Chinese, believe me. Worse!
There was an "English man" named LUCKY who left his comment, apparently a Chinese who is dreaming about becoming one, yet he needs to improve his English otherwise one finds out easily that he is a fake one.
Anyway, there was no need to lie, like about loving Mongolia etc.
You hate us, we'll hate you. Read again your junk!

12/09/2007 1:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That lengthy, attempted-hate speech is obviously by chinese guy who resided in Mongolia long enough.

It's just an exmple of those typical, legendary, china-centric or bigger-nation-centric stereotyping views on neighbours.

Yes, there're numerious problems and disappointments in Mongolia and, as a Mongolian person, I also criticise Mongolia harshly. But, to be credible, you have to keep it in mind that Mongolians are neither better not worse than any other smaller nations in trouble. You cannot be intellectualy serious if you attribute specific qualities, like that "lying children" stuff, to mongolians or to any nation as a whole.

In any case, the guy must have been traumatised mentally. Or was he (-it doesn't sound a woman) drunk himself? At some points, he makes you burst into wild laughter!

12/24/2007 1:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am Mongolian and i am afraid that most of the issues addressed there are unfortunately true or at least true when i left my country. I generally do not like the Chinese. However, we are lucky to be able to enjoy the cheap goods and economic stimuli we get from them.

The reason why we do not trust the Chinese is because they are very sneaky and have no concept of trust. Even a Chinese friend of mine here was saying the same thing.

P.S the author should note that we were not under the Chinese oppression but Manchurian. The Chinese were not allowed to settle in to Mongolia under the Manchu law.

Thanks you'll

Try to be more peace-seeking.

3/13/2008 6:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

Being the “spiritual brothers and sisters” of Tibetan people and sharing history of faith in Tibetan Buddhism, one cannot but notice how unusually quiet has Mongolia been in response to the recent overwhelming wave of pro-Tibetan protests around world.

Theoretically, it is not hard for Mongolians to resonate with anger and frustrations of Tibetans having ourselves tasted the bitterness of political oppression on religious rights during Communism. Moreover, the “cultural genocide” that Dalai Lama sees taking place in Tibet has in a lesser form once appeared in Mongolia as well, when Russian military, schools, shops were ubiquitous. In this period, Buddhist temples were emptied, monks prisoned or killed and the general message was “Buddhism is bad for you.”

The recent years nevertheless saw some form of religious revival from the Mongolian side. The Dalai Lama, on the other side, has expressed much faith in the future of Buddhism in Mongolia. In fact, he said that Buddhist teachings can truly flourish in a democratic country—Mongolia being referred. His faith in Mongolians is supported by his numerous visits to Mongolia in the last few years. Even in his public talks in America, he calls out for Mongolians in the audience.

During his Mongolia visits, thousands flock to receive a blessing from him and equally many rush to monasteries on special occasions such as the White Moon celebrations. Mongolia’s political heads are also seen there flaunting their best deels, showing off khadags and offerings.

And yet even when non-Buddhist heads from Europe and America are admonishing China, where have all the devoted Mongolians gone? Where are the outspoken parliament members? Where are temple heads? Where is the media? Ironically, even the Chinese community in Mongolia has issued a statement supporting the Tibet crackdown.
As the saying goes, a friend in need is a friend in need.

The Dalai Lama perhaps has put too early and too much hope on Mongolia’s political maturity.

4/01/2008 4:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haven't read all your posts only the first few ones, and already rage to voice my opinion.All i want to say is that i think my Mongolia is a beautiful country despite all the problems. No matter how hard life is there, it has this distinct view, smell and air that is warm and welcome. Life there is also not stressful unlike in other countries. Mongolians will always have a time to relax and take it easy. You call it laziness but it's life where you should live in your own pace.I just love my country and accept it with its problems and bitters.I am a deadly patriot and can't bear to hear all the complaints. Come on every country has problems even the most developed ones. So why should Mongolia be the target of criticism?

5/13/2008 9:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I once pity women in Mongolia who are being used and abused by men.

2years ago, I changed my view after coming t know a group of young girls in Singapore. They were all on study VISA but "work" in clubs to lure foreign men in the country..

They are young, very smart, like any women in the third world, they tell their sob stories, get men's sympathy, and the next thing you know, you are hooked.

They are great lovers, very understanding, don't mind being the other woman if you are married, they are especially good in bed and willing to do anything you want...

The last thing I know, I lost myself, my life, money and almost my loving wife. (Afterall, they are like any woman, they want more and more attention, they use their sob stories to make you feel bad when you have no time for them, and that works all the time.)

Whatever problems they have in their country may be common in many countries, but DO NOT BE SILLY TO become smypathetic especially from the women.


6/20/2008 12:05 AM  
Blogger nabetz said...

To Anonymous (who posted today, 6/20/2008):

Despite having not added to this blog for a long time, I felt compelled to respond to your post.

Your are in serious denial. PLEASE don't make yourself the victim. It was your choice to be unfaithful to your wife, to two-time on your family, to break the bands of matrimony. Your heart is yours to give. These girls did not steal it. You gave it. The fact that you would blame them, regardless of the morality of what they're doing, floors me. It's your life, man. You're in control. Take responsibility and face consequences. If you make mistakes (we all do), make amends, get help, clean yourself up, and move on--this time more careful of your weaknesses. But PLEASE don't blame your transgressions on others. They had little to do with it.

6/20/2008 7:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

2/03/2009 6:29 PM  
Anonymous Hiawatha said...

This is a welcome addition. I have always had admiration for these rugged people. Perhaps will bring them a little closer.

2/04/2009 12:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a short documentary that was shot in Mongolia. It's called "The Wrestler's Second: The Story of Mongolia's Struggle with Yadargaa". It seems pretty interesting

You can find it on Amazon, copy and paste this link:

2/06/2009 2:57 PM  
Blogger Efigênia Coutinho said...

Desire to leave express my admiration to the beautiful work of this Blog, yours truly, Efigênia Coutinho (Mallemont)

2/08/2009 2:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

3/04/2009 11:07 PM  
Anonymous Martin said...

This is really a very informative blog for those who want to visit this typical pastoral country. Thanks to that guy that posted all the facts (so called) about Mongolia. I love to visit this place n have been trying for the past two years.

6/20/2009 9:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every fact that was posted above in that long list (minus a few of them) is 100% accurate. I've had the privilege of being able to travel to 42 countries, and for having lived semi-permanently in 6 of them (4 of which were underdeveloped), and Mongolia is by far the most hopeless and frustrating. There is this feeling of inevitable decline here. Aside from localized beauty (music, art, country side, some great people) the country is beyond anything I thought possible. The Mongolian men are incredibly xenophobic, to the core. They're wildly uneducated. Aside from a few great friendships, I gave up on this country a long time ago.

7/11/2009 12:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Anonymous (who posted today, 6/20/2008):

you're a fool

7/11/2009 12:41 AM  
Blogger navneet said...

I found this web site to know more about Mongolia. I hope it will help you.

8/31/2009 4:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear my GGGrandchild,

This is your GGGrandfather...

You, ungraceful weasel, have apparently lost your pride and soul of having that drop of blood (of Mongolian origin, in this case) inherited from me. For as long as you have that drop of blood always remember that your predecessors have tirelessly fought to keep it flowing free and independent. You see, my child, the very soul of that drop is to never loose hope for freedom and independence for a nation called Mongolia. Like in the history of all the nations, there will be many obstacles along the way that you wouldn't be fond of experiencing, but please be able to see the greater meaning beyond those hindrances. Help as much as you can eventhough you wouldn't see the change right away. But never give up your hope--have a pride in your Mongolian heritage (it doesn't mean to use this name as an attention-grabber like you've been doing for your entire life), make us proudly rest in peace!
Hopefully yours,

Your GGGrandfather,

PS: Who knew that you'd become such an imbecile when my son (your GGrandfather)had emigrated Mongolia quite some time ago.

9/08/2009 1:42 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

I am a U.S. Marine stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan as a member of the NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan (NTM-A). We have a Mongolian Unit here providing local security. I have to admit that they are some of the most likeable people I have met over here. They are motivated and disciplined troops that I am proud to serve with in this combat zone. You can see some pictures of them on our unit website--

Thanks for sending us your best!

Semper Fidelis,
Col Gregory T. Breazile, USMC

2/20/2010 2:46 AM  
Blogger samraat said...

4/04/2010 9:57 PM  
Anonymous Business Loans said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I been reading 50-ish points about mongolia. I was wondering what others think about it? I am including Mongolians and foreigners that been in Mongolia.

I am Mongolian, I did not grow up there but i did my college years in UB. I have to say that that person used very strong words. Mostly, I agree with him/her but It really hurts me to read it. i do not know what to say. it is an ugly truth. sad

4/26/2010 11:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm Mongolian. I do not live there anymore but I remember the Mongolia that I left. I mostly blame all the problems on the corrupt politicians who do not care for their people anymore. The problems listed by that rude dude, well some are true but some are not. He/she made generalizations on most of them. There are children who lie but not all of them are like that. Everyone grows up in different circumstances and this is where the nature vs nurture issue comes. Most Mongolians are corrupted by money but aside from that fact, they are great people who are friendly and openly welcomes everyone when they don't have money problems. If they have money, they will spend most of it on their guests providing the best accommodations they can. The relatives mooching off the other relatives is pretty much true but the cause is money, they are too poor. Mongolians are really prideful and likes to spend money that they do not have on goods to look better than their neighbors. If the politicians actually spends some money for their country, it would be a better place. Also, we need a stronger government. Mongolia will grow to be better. All countries go through a process of development.

5/10/2010 2:13 AM  
Blogger mgl247 said...

thanks for the interesting article. As far as i am Mongolian, i'd say i agree with most of the points that you mentioned.
However, i believe that every country/ things/ humanbeings have thier good and bad sides--- there is no perfect thing in this world--, so why don't you also provide the truly amazing truths that you disovered instead of this strong critics as i'd say? I am sure that there are a lot to share.

Anyway, keep up your work.
P.S; It was very interesting read a view of a foreigner how he sees this country in a critical way...

1/07/2011 9:16 AM  
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5/08/2011 6:53 AM  
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