Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Turkish Delight (Second Helping)

More on the family reunion that is Turkish-Mongolian relations (from Turkey's Zaman online newspaper:
Turkey revives its historic relations with Mongolia to have closer ties with Central Asian countries.

Turkey will assist in the economic development of Mongolia. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan conducted a visit to Mongolia together with State Minister Besir Atalay, Minister for Energy and Natural Resources Hilmi Guler and Minister of Agriculture Mehdi Eker. Erdogan and his entourage were welcomed by Mongolian Minister of Education Punstag Tsagaan at Ulan Bator Airport. "Welcome to your motherland esteemed prime minister!" Tsaagan said. Erdogan first held meeting with his Mongolian counterpart Tasahia Elbegdorj. The two countries signed industrial, commercial and technological cooperation agreements and an agreement regarding the appropriation of land for embassies was also signed.

Erdogan expressed pleasure to be in the country of the Mongolian sovereign Cengiz Han (Genghis Khan). The parties discussed military, economic, commercial and tourism issues. "May our relations continue not only at business level but also at cultural level and may my visit become the start of a new era and synergy between our countries," declared Erdogan.

The Turkish Prime Minister referring to the importance of the deep historical ties between the two countries said these relations should be reinforced in many aspects. Turkey aims to increase its mutual trade volume from three million dollars to $50 millions, Erdogan added. This medium term target is highly important for Mongolia. The country's budget is $500 million and it has a population of only 2.7 million. The Turkish Prime Minister encouraged fellow businessmen to invest in organized industrial zones specifically for the leather manufacturing and production that will be established in Ulan Bator.

Mongolian Prime Minister Elbegdorj informed Erdogan about the Genghis Khan Complex that they plan to build and asked, "support from friends". Erdogan responded positively to his Mongolian counterpart regarding this request.

Erdogan and his delegation will travel to the Karakurum province, where the Orhun Inscriptions (ancient Turkish Monuments with Turkish inscriptions) stand. The foundation of a 46-km long highway that will be built connecting Karakurum and Kultigin and Bilke Kagan Monuments was laid. Turkey will meet all construction costs of the five million dollar project in addition to building a museum and collecting artworks, historical artifacts belonging to the Mongolian's ancestors for protection and preservation in the museum. Construction of the highway and the museum is expected to contribute Mongolia's tourism.


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I read with joy that Turkey is contributing financially & culturally to her motherland and may our relationship florish and bring our two great nations closer.

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