Tuesday, July 19, 2005

In the News

I've been busier'n all get out the last few days and will be for a while to come yet. While I'm occupied, here are some of the things to take a look at:

1. Taiwan-Mongolia business interaction is expanding and accelerating:
For most Taiwanese companies, Mongolia is a novel market they have never considered exploring. That is until the last few years when pioneers started to break into the exotic place. Their sporadic investments and trading activities have provoked substantial business interaction between the two economic entities.

The two years of 2002-2003 marked a critical period for bilateral relations as the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) set up the Taiwan Trade Center in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia, in June 2002, followed by the inauguration of Ulaanbaatar Trade and Economic Representative Office in Taipei in December 2003.

As the first Mongolian representative in Taipei, Mr. D. Batmunhk has seen a satisfactory progress in Taiwan-Mongolia economic relations. "The annual bilateral trade grew to nearly US$5 million in 2004, around 1,000 Taiwanese tourists traveled to Mongolia in the same year, and there are over 30 Taiwanese-run companies there," he quoted the official data as saying. Meanwhile, an estimated 70 Mongolian workers have immigrated into Taiwan, among the hundreds of Mongolian people on the island.

"Though these figures look small when compared to those of other countries, they denoted a steady development in the initial stage of Taiwan-Mongolia economic relations," noted Mr. Batmunhk. Actually, he added, "the numbers are growing from zero two or three years ago."

2. Tehran and Moscow spar over Mongolian natural resources:
IRKUTSK - The Siberian economic news service, FIS, has just announced that over 80 people will particpate in the 11th meeting of the Russian-Mongolian Intergovernmental Committee for trade-economic and scientific-technical cooperation to be held on July 18 in Irkutsk.

It is no coincidence this is taking place right after Iran announced making overtures to Ulan Bator to establish economic, industrial and energy cooperation between the two countries.

This is all out competition between Moscow, its Western financiers, and the Council of Guardians of Iran, working with Beijing, over who will control the majority of raw materials in Central Asia in the post-World War III world.

Ulan Bator will take advantage of all the attention.
(BTW, did I miss something? World War III? I know I've had a busy week and all, but...)

3. Here's an article I've only had time to scan: "The Former Soviet Union's Next Wave of Democratization"

4. Mongolia gets $3 million from China to develop power plants. Seems to be linked to Chinese ambitions for Mongolian natural resources.

5. Korea goes wobbly; Mongolia steps up to play key role in Iraq:
The U.S. government has asked Korea's Zaytun Division to provide logistical support including housing, food and vehicles to Mongolian troops protecting a UN office planned for Irbil, Iraq. Washington initially asked Korean troops themselves to guard office staff but drafted in Mongolian troops when Korea showed reluctance.

A ruling party source said the U.S. had been saying since last year that the Zaytun Division’s reconstruction role was too limited and wanted them to guard the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) office that will go up in Irbil in September, as well as provide convoys to protect office staff.

But the source said Korea only agreed to guard the UN office while tasking Mongolian troops with staff protection. "We are considering a plan to provide logistical support to the Mongolian troops," a government official said. Mongolia has about 180 men in Najaf in south-central Iraq.

6. Asashoryu, despite a blip, remains the hottest thing in sumo.

7. Joshua at One Free Korea has an enlightening interview (esp. vis-a-vis North Korea) with the Mongolian ambassador to the US. (Via registan.net)

8. Last but not least, Nathan over at registan.net has the coolest thing since fermented mare's milk on a hot summer's day. That's right, WICKED COOL POST-APOCALYPTIC MONGOL BMX RAIDERS! (Insert the Dean Scream here)


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