Thursday, November 10, 2005

Cuisine Mongolien: avec Photografs

There's my from the hip attempt at French. Which should be an indication of just how little I understood over at this page. But each of the pictures there are worth a thousand words (and ten thousand words in French). This should give you a good idea of how a goat or lamb is slaughtered in Mongolia, as well as different types of Mongolian food. Fascinating if you've never seen this kind of thing. Some pictures are definitely not for the squeemish.

Note: in case you're wondering about the first pictures (slaughter), the way they kill a goat is to make an incision in the animal's belly (picture 2) and then reach in and up to pinch a critical artery (picture 3). This (a) kills the goat, (b) insures that no blood leaves the goat's body, and (c) makes the slaughterer's arm exceedingly messy.

Mmmm....makes me hungry.


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