Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Why Mongolia (5)

Here's another view. Why Mongolia? The Bush Doctrine. In a recent American Enterprise Intstitute paper entitled Bush to Asia: Freedom is more than Markets, Dan Blumenthal and Thomas Donnelly write:
The president's just-concluded Asian trip bore signs that his devotion to democracy is beginning to shape American strategy beyond the "greater Middle East," calling into question the policy of economic engagement and the belief in the democratizing power of free trade that Washington has followed up until now. And military preparations are underway to give substance to the rhetoric of liberty.
After summing up some of Bush's words in recent speeches in Asia, AEI continues:
All this would just be high-flying rhetoric were it not for the fact that the Bush administration is coupling it with a realignment of U.S. forces in Asia and in the western Pacific. Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld has been something of a reluctant warrior in the Middle East, but he and his lieutenants in charge of Asia are deeply engaged in the transformation of U.S. posture along China's periphery.
This sounds like a fair assessment to me. Bush has struck me as being a true believer when it comes to democracy. So the fact that he's strengthening democracy in places like Mongolia, while helping out America's own interests, seems entirely logical. And considering that democracy = relative stability, then democracy in Mongolia and elsewhere = American interests.


Blogger Veeshir said...

A lot of what Bush is doing in the 'stans, among other places, has the result of ringing China and Russia with American military bases.
Somehow I think that's a feature not just happenstance.

12/20/2005 7:16 AM  
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