Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Watching the Inauguration

I just found Thomo's Hole through Technorati. On it, an American working in Mongolia describes the recent presidential inauguration firsthand.

Oh, and via Thomo's Hole, I found Ella's Blog, a blog so new it only has one entry. Again, by an American working in Mongolia. I don't know whether to say that the blog shows promise or not. But with the dearth of Mongolia blogs, I'm publicizing every one I can find...


Blogger Thomo the Lost said...

Poor Thomo is insulted - fancy being mistaken for an American ... after all, I do not look American! :-)

Thomo is a dyed in the wool Aussie. Lost but Aussie never the less. And having a nickname of Thomo is useful in Mongolia as when ordering a Chinggis beer, I just have to remember to say "Thom" and a big one appears.

7/01/2005 7:44 PM  
Blogger nabetz said...

Thomo, I meant no disrespect. I confused your nationality with Ella's, whose link I included in the same post. Please accept my apologies.

However, I am a bit confused as to why you would be "insulted" to be misidentified as an American. Should I be insulted if ever someone thinks that I'm Australian? People have thought I'm all kinds of nationalities (no joke: Persian, Arab, Jewish, English, Spanish, Italian, Canadian, German). I've never thought to be offended, much less feel insulted.

7/02/2005 10:18 AM  
Blogger Thomo the Lost said...

I have a similar problem travelling - spoken to in Greek in Cyprus, Arabic in the Middle East, anything but English in the Lebanon. Korea and Norway were the two places I was just spoken to in English as a matter of course. I'm sure it must be the beard :-)

It is difficult to be mistaken as an Aussie as we are usually the ones with a crocodile biting our bottoms whilst we say "Crikey! That one almost tagged me" :-)

7/03/2005 5:26 PM  
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